Why Creating FOMO is Important for Social Media Ads


If you are a Paid Social Media Manager or you manage social media ads, either on Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram, then this video is for you!

There is one tactic we have seen that works over and over again on social media that can basically make or break your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) and that is creating FOMO. Now creating FOMO, which is Fear Of Missing Out is supercritical. What happens in social media is that we see ads with tons of engagement, whether it be by the hundreds of comments, hundreds and thousands of likes. So when you compare two ads, where one has tons of engagement in terms of likes and comments and the other one doesn’t, always the one with higher engagement wins.

Importance of Social Proof

As a consumer, you are basically driven by certain behaviors so when you see more and more people liking or talking about something, it gets your attention, which is also known as creating social proof. Social proof is basically driven by those types of posts, where if other people are liking it, then in your mind you think you should like it too. So as a marketer you can create that kind of social proof with your ads. Once you create a social proof in the head of the user or the target audience, they think that they should not be missing out and so there are more prone to click on your ad and take action.

Create Engagement with Organic Social Media

So basically when you’re creating ads, the first thing you have to do is create some sort of an engagement, which you can use your organic social media to accomplish this. Post your social media messages so you can create engagement and once you have created an engagement,
take those same posts and then create an ad out of them. You will see that your relevancy score on Facebook and your impressions will skyrocket, as well as the conversions.

You see, Facebook’s ads algorithm is extremely intelligent. When a post has more engagement, it increases your relevancy score, what Facebook then does is it sells up your ads more and more to the audience that you are trying to target. In turn, you will get a higher return on ad spend. So to summarize, make sure you are creating FOMO with your ads, interact with people, create engagement, create a social proof and then run those ads because FOMO is a very powerful behavioral trigger.

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