The 7 Psychological Triggers that Impact Decisions

The 7 Psychological Triggers that Impact Decisions - Podcast

On this episode of Bobcast Dan Cordella and Bob Tripathi discuss the psychology behind marketing messages. Gain insights on how psychological triggers play a big part in how B2B buyers are emotionally invested to make decisions. Listen and learn:

  • How to impact the adaptive subconscious
  • The importance of clarifying why
  • Social proof and the bandwagon effect
  • How serial positioning affects memory
  • Building the availability cascade in content marketing
  • Harnessing the most powerful of all human emotions
  • The most effective way to change behavior

The 7 Psychological Triggers that Impact Decisions

Our Guest Speaker for this Episode:

Daniel Cordella
Daniel Cordella, Senior Content Marketing Manager @ Wrike


At Wrike, Daniel crafts impactful thought leadership pieces that help teams and organizations become insanely productive. Prior to Wrike, Daniel led marketing for ZURB, one of the world’s leading product design companies.

His innovative approach to email marketing has earned him a place as one of the top-ranked email marketing influencers to follow by Campaign Monitor and Atomic Reach. He is also a regular contributor to Content Magazine, one of Silicon Valley’s top creative magazines.

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