Growth Hacking & Driving Marketing in B2B SaaS Companies

Leading marketing function in a B2B SaaS company backed by leading VC’s in Silicon Valley and elsewhere is like driving a Ferrari in the fast lane. There are pressures of scaling quickly and with that comes trying out-of-the-box marketing tactics or growth hacking to keep the hockey stick continuously going up.
In this episode of BobCast, we have Brett Chester, VP of Marketing at SiteTracker who dives deeper into all areas of growth hacking and how to grow your marketing program and make it truly holistic.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Growth Hacking in SaaS world
  • Tactical areas of Growth Hacking
  • Pressures of VC backed companies on Marketing
  • Demand Generation vs Capturing Demand
  • MarTech integration in the current marketing landscape
  • Building In-House Marketing Team vs working with agency partners
  • Building your Marketing Data Dashboard

Growth Hacking & Driving Marketing in B2B SaaS Companies

Our Guest Speaker for this Episode:

Brett is the VP of Marketing at Sitetracker, building the marketing discipline for this venture backed startup. Leveraging his lead acquisition, integrated marketing program experience and on the job know-how to drive sales and business success.

A little bit more about Brett Chester:

  • 12+ years online strategic, solution and ROI focused marketing
  • Inspiring, interactive and supportive leader of both tech and marketing teams
  • The ability to realize what success looks like, and how to report on it
  • An intuitive understanding of online/offline consumer behavior
  • Unparalleled insight into driving effective transactional sales and demand generation programs
  • Multi-region experience including North America, Asia-Pac, Europe and MEA
  • In the trenches experience in both corporate and startup worlds at various stages of growth

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