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B2B Account Based Marketing Video – Align Your Digital Marketing for Sales Success

Live Presentation Video at DIGITAL SUMMIT Conference

In this key note presentation video, our founder Bob Tripathi talks about how to create a successful ABM campaign.

In this special presentation you will learn about:

  • Digital Marketing B2B Lifecycle
  • Demand Generation
  • ABM Launch Steps
  • Converting Accounts into Revenue Opportunities
  • Designing an ABM program
  • Getting All the Pieces Together
  • Executing the campaign
  • Measuring Results


  • Bob Tripathi

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  • On-Demand Video


  • 30 minutes

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Bob Tripathi is a passionate, holistic Digital Marketing leader helping companies build their businesses with digital marketing for 17+ years. He co-authored a book, speaks at numerous conferences, writes articles, gives interviews, creates digital training workshops and hosts hundreds of webinars.

Bob has B2C and B2B marketing skills helping SMB’s and enterprises like Discover Financial, Sears Holdings, and many others achieve massive growth through digital marketing skills and thought leadership. He is a self-starting entrepreneur and his passion for marketing led him to start Digital Sparx Marketing, a company specializing in digital services.

Here’s a preview of what to expect:

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