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Preparing for Web 3.0 and beyond

For more than half a century, Implementation Engineers has led the way in innovative, operational and organizational solutions for clients. The company employs a systems thinking approach for improving business processes in manufacturing for thousands of large domestic and global companies including Boeing, Caterpillar, Rolls Royce, Bethlehem Steel and Bell Helicopter. After consistently leading the way for others, they knew they needed help for their own brand.

The Problem

After more than 50 years in the consulting business, needed new revenue generating sales channels and needed to broaden their digital footprint. One way to transform their digital channel was to start with their web and mobile presence. In the past, they tried working with other digital marketing “agencies” but none of them created any real impact with a mostly shot-in-the-dark approach. This led’s leadership to tap into Digital Sparx Marketing who gave them the answers they wanted to achieve their marketing initiatives.

Some of the objectives of’s
leadership team included:
  • Building a solid Web & Mobile presence including a new web design
  • Establishing a brand identity to help ie compete with the big consulting firms
  • Developing strong marketing personas to direct future digital marketing operations
  • Building their SEO program to help with inbound leads
  • Increasing their website traffic
  • Launching digital marketing programs to generate leads

The Solution

Leaders at knew that to become competitive, they needed an updated digital presence at with more resources for lead generation. Within short order, Digital Sparx Marketing set out to create an updated website with a new brand identity that was more in line with their target customer persona. The new website had an intuitive user experience (UX) with a modern look and feel. Digital Sparx Marketing developed strong marketing personas and built a digital marketing program to generate leads that were measurable. Digital Sparx Marketing enacted a 6-month plan of action to reach 100% efficiency and became the extended marketing arm for

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Thanks to Digital Sparx Marketing, leaders reflected on who their marketing targets were, who their competitors are, what separates them from the competition and how to gain the trust of their audience. Clients now understand exactly what is about when they click on the home page.

Once established the target personas, brand differentiation and brand position, the blueprint for how should operate was created. The marketing team constructed well-organized information architecture to begin developing a solid new web presence.

UX, Navigation - SEO Best Practices graphic


Across the board, Digital Sparx Marketing improved the website and branding from user interface to video interaction to brand positioning and email list growth.

Here is just a few of the initiatives that made the marketing channels successful:

  • Tightened marketing personas to generate new leads
  • Improved brand differentiation resulting in a new business model
  • Initiated a brand position that exemplifies the dedication has for its clients
  • Enhanced user navigation with new content creation appreciates the ability to see measurable results regarding increased traffic to their website and continues to receive good feedback from their clients. In addition, saw an increased buy-in from the rest of stakeholders within the organization which resulted in more employee engagement and content contributions from other departments. Altogether, the new Digital Marketing program was a resounding success.

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