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The Team at Digital Sparx Marketing partners with companies that aspire to build, scale or streamline their digital marketing. We achieve results for clients by leveraging our outcomes based approach in organic, paid and data-driven marketing.

Our Digital Marketing Team’s Areas of Expertise

From Branding to Demand Generation to Sales & Marketing alignment, we know how to scale marketing


Branding & Web Design

Consciousness is a mix of the right and left sides of the brain. As a result, we have a keen eye for aesthetics.

In today’s complex B2B world, companies need to differentiate. Not only in terms of color, logo and taglines, but by creating marketing messaging aimed at target market personas. We create beautiful aesthetics to appeal to your specific target audience.

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Digital Marketing Infrastructure

A digital transformation journey starts with building a solid foundation. For clients who are in the initial or intermediate level of their digital marketing journey, we start with building their digital marketing infrastructure. Just like in life, it is all about crawl, walk, and run. This allows our clients to scale their marketing initiatives quickly since we have their digital infrastructure in place.

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Digital Marketing Tactics

Digital Sparx Marketing focuses on our client’s business and marketing goals. We then reverse engineer those goals to match digital tactics with business objectives. We have world-class battle tested marketing skills in the following areas. Click any of the links below to learn more.

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B2B Demand Generation

We are big believers that for B2B companies, Demand Generation should be their first go-to-market strategy. Our team at Digital Sparx Marketing are well versed in the art and science of Demand Generation strategy. Our Demand Generation strategy consists of capturing existing demand and generating demand for our clients.

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Account Based Marketing Campaign

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a focused B2B marketing tactic where Marketing and Sales work together to identify and target key accounts. The objective is to help generate more revenues for your company by working together. No wonder, in the past few years Account Based Marketing (ABM) has become every B2B marketer’s go-to-strategy and justifiably so.

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Our Team Drives Measurable Digital Marketing Results

in Client Revenues
Total amount of revenue we’ve generated for companies with strategic digital marketing tactics
Leads Generated
Net new leads we’ve generated for clients with Automated Marketing campaigns for leading B2B companies
People Trained
Professionals we’ve trained in all aspects of Digital Marketing through virtual and on-site corporate training courses

Our Proven B2B Digital Marketing Methodology


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Tech Incubators we mentor

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